Josh McFall - Chief Executive Officer
Ways Josh Can Help You: 
     - Questions about overall HAAR/NALMLS operations
     - Inquiries about the HAAR/NALMLS Board of Directors
     - HAAR/NALMLS Strategic Plan and Initiatives
Direct: 256.763.7791 / Cell: 256.577.1295

Page Brooks - Director of Member Services
Ways Page Can Help You: 
     - Questions about Membership Renewals
     - General Membership Questions 
Direct: 256.763.7784
Jan Causey - Member Care Specialist, Membership/Information
Ways Jan Can Help You: 
     - General Association Information
     - General Membership Questions 
     - Membership Applications
Direct: 256.763.7798
Simon Martin - Member Care Specialist, Lockboxes and Caravan
Ways Simon Can Help You: 
     - Lockboxes and Keys
     - Caravan Information 
     - General Memership Information
Direct: 256.763.7780
Al Dancy - Facilities Manager
Ways Al Can Help You: 
     - Building Rentals
     - Facilities Maintenance 
Direct: 256.763.7793

Christina Hearne - Director of Administration
Ways Christina Can Help You:
     - General information regarding association programs
     and events
     - Grievance and Professional Standards
     - Information about HAAR committees
Direct: 256.763.7796
Lisa Spinelli - Professional Development Manager
Way Lisa Can Help You:
     - General CE class information and registration
     - New member orientation
     - Grievance and Professional Standards
Direct: 256.763.7797
Joanna White - Governmental Affairs Liaison
Ways Joanna Can Help You:
     - Questions about advocacy and local municipality ordinances
     - Alabama REALTORS Political Action Committee (ARPAC)
Cell: 256.665.6418
Melissa Markow - Communications and Marketing Manager
Ways Melissa Can Help You:
     - Information about the "Weekly Report"
     - HAAR/NALMLS social media accounts
     - Programs and event marketing


Rhonda Ricketts - Director of NALMLS Operations
Ways Rhonda Can Help You:
     - General information regarding NALMLS operations
     - General information regarding NALMLS committees
     and task forces
     - IDX and RETS feeds
Direct: 256.763.7789
Mike Sandoval - NALMLS Training Coordinator
Ways Mike Can Help You:
     - Paragon, Instanet and ShowingTime training
     - General MLS support questions
Direct: 256.763.7794
Melissa Reed - NALMLS Participant Care Specialist
Ways Melissa Can Help You:
     - General MLS support questions
     - MLS statistics
Cell: 256.489.0570
Tammy Owen - Technology Director
Ways Tammy Can Help You:
     - Inquiries regarding
     - IT support and service
Direct: 256.763.7790
Cell: 256.337-3865
David Cruse - Technology Service Specialist
Ways David Can Help You:
     - IT support and service
Direct: 256.508.6210


Katy Fitzgerald - Finance Director
Ways Katy Can Help You:
     - General inquiries regarding Association/MLS finances and budget
     - Association financial reports
     - General billing and invoice questions
Direct: 256.763.7792
Alan Reese - Assistant Finance Director
Ways Alan Can Help You:
     - Invoices and dues collection
     - General billing and invoice questions
     - ARPAC investment reports
Direct: 256.763.7785