The Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS® offers a variety of committees and clubs where members can get involved. These Association committees and clubs provide valuable services to the membership and community by:

• Overseeing issues and interests pertinent to our members

• Giving back to the community

• Enhancing networking opportunities

• Facilitating key member activities

ARPAC Committee: Teaches the importance of ARPAC to the membership and solicits them to invest in ARPAC. They monitor our progress towards assigned fundraising goals and have events to assist meeting those goals They also organize investor appreciation events. Members may be chosen to serve on Governmental Affairs candidate interview panels as well. Chair: Barbara Breland


ByLaws Committee: The Association bylaws must from time to time be amended to comply with NAR Policy. The Bylaws Committee is responsible for reviewing the bylaws, proposing amendments and reviewing recommendations made by other committees, task forces, or advisory groups to assure we operate in compliance with our Bylaws. Chair: Julie Lockwood


Caravan Committee: Schedules and coordinates weekly tour of homes actively listed on the market for viewing by REALTORS®. The committee also reviews and recommends policy on caravan requirements and etiquette. Chair: Jennifer Minyard


Finance & Budget Committee: This Committee is chaired by the Association treasurer and has eight other REALTOR® Members, six of whom are appointed by the President. Their responsibilities are to develop and prepare the Association's annual operating budget and to oversee the financial affairs of the Association (staggered three-year term). 


Education Committee: Working with the state and national Associations, the committee encourages, promotes and arranges programs of educational benefit to the membership. The REALTOR® Expo is a subcommittee of this committee. Chair: Ginny Brandau


Forms: In cooperation with state and national associations and legal counsel, the Standard Forms Committee reviews forms used by members in the course of business. The Committee recommends wording and layout that is in the best interests of the members and the public. Chair: Lori Coggin


Governmental Affairs Committee: Educates and informs the membership on the relevance of Legislative and regulatory issues as they affect our industry. Also monitors legislative activity regarding the real estate industry on a local, state and national level. The committee is responsible for informing the Association of any such activity deemed appropriate and makes recommendations to the board of directors regarding legislative activity. The committee interviews candidates for public office and makes recommendations to the board of directors for endorsement. The committee determines what candidates receive financial support from the PAC. Chair: Tim Brown


Grievance Committee: Receives, reviews and/or investigates all written complaints filed with the Association and refers cases for hearings to the Professional Standards Committee (appointed by the President for staggered three-year terms). Prerequisites to serve include: Member of association for at least 3 years, no prior violations of the NAR Code of Ethics, mandatory annual attendance at professional standards workshop. Chair: Barbara Martin


MLS Committee: This committee assists Huntsville Area Association of REALTORS®/ North Alabama Multiple Listing Service in adopting policies of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and Multiple Listing Policy and REALTORS". Monitors the MLS Bylaws, Rules and Regulations and policy of the Multiple Listing Service of Huntsville, Inc. Chair: Valerie Miles


Orientation Committee: Reviews current content and delivery of information required by the Association bylaws for new members, makes recommendations to the board of directors for changes and improvements to the new member orientation and conducts and teaches new member orientation. Chair: Valerie Miles


Professional Standards Committee: Receives and hears complaints regarding member ethics and business disputes referred by the Grievance Committee. Prerequisites to serve include: Member of association for at least 3 years and no previous violations of the NAR Code of Ethics. Chair: Dee James


Personnel Policy Committee: The Personnel Policy Committee shall consist of five members, who shall be appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. This committee reviews and makes recommendations on the employee handbook, staff compensation policies, disciplinary policies and benefits.


REALTORS® in Action Committee: Maintains a rapid response program for emergencies and natural disasters. Throughout the year this committee will assist REALTORS® in need and serve as a clearinghouse for grass roots community service projects and promote the REALTOR® image. Chair: Carrie Turner